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In my previous article, I talked about different ways you can go about branding your business. One of the methods I mentioned was to put your logo and tagline on everything you can. If you run a business that uses boxes or bags, this type of branding is especially important. Just think of what the larger, successful companies like Amazon are doing. Even though they are an online business, the boxes they use to deliver your products always have the Amazon logo on them. The same goes for bags. When you shop at any successful store and you need a bag, the bag will invariably have the brand name of the store prominently displayed on it. So clearly, that's what the big boys are doing, and you should do the same.

The issue, however, is that smaller companies or businesses may not have the resources to order branded bags or boxes. The most reasonable way to solve this issue is to use an inexpensive, online service for ordering your packaging materials. A good company to consider is called Bags & Bows. I like this site because it has an excellent product selection, and sells all kinds of bags, bows, boxes, and other related items. And yes, this company allows you to add your logo or other branding elements to the product you order.

Branded products at good online stores like Bags & Bows are still on the pricey side, however. For this reason, I recommend employing the following two techniques to get the best price possible:

  1. Use online coupons.
    Not all stores on the Internet offers coupons, but fortunately, Bags & Bows does. You can get the latest Bags & Bows coupons by visiting Business-Reviews.com. These coupons will let you save on packaging materials you order online.

  2. Order as many bags/boxes as you can.
    Placing a large order may seem contrary to the idea of saving money, but consider this: If you order a large amount, the price per item falls drastically. You may pay $1 or more for a bag if you order a couple hundred, but if you order thousands, the price might fall to just 20 cents or so.

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