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The Truth About E-cig Chemicals

E-cigs are all over the news of late, with the latest news being that the FDA will begin regulating them more heavily. It has also become illegal for people under the age of 18 to purchase them. But the most worrisome news about E-cigs are that they contain many of the same harmful chemicals as regular cigarettes. Every time such chemicals are detected in E-cigs through a study, the media always trumps it up and makes it sounds like E-cigs are dangerous.

True, E-cigs do contain nicotine and some of the same harmful chemicals in cigarettes. But in one study, it was shown that E-cigs contain from 9 to 450 times less of such chemicals. This makes the level of harmful chemicals in E-cigs far less, or even negligible. More recently, there has been focus on two chemicals, Diacetyl and Acetyl, which have been shown to cause a really bad condition known as popcorn lung. Much hype has been made of the fact that E-liquids often contain both of these chemicals. But the same chemicals can be found in cigarettes, to a much, much higher degree. And even among heavy cigarette smokers, popcorn lung is a very rare condition.

The bottom line is that you must read between the lines. If you believe the media, you might come away with the impression that E-cigs are really bad for you, and it's better to stick to smoking. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even the most hardened critics against e-cigarettes, when pressed, would concede that e-cigarettes are still a lot less harmful than regular smoking.

To those who are looking to purchase their first e-cigarettes, I would recommend using a company called Volcano E-cig. Based in Hawaii, this company provides several different types of e-cigarettes, along with some nice e-cig flavors you can't find at other e-liquid stores. I like to use Volcano Ecig coupons to get discounts on e-cigarettes.


In my opinion, buying your e-cigarettes online is much better than buying from convenience stores or even vape shops. The reason I say this is that online stores like Volcano often have superior products at lower prices. The disadvantage, however, is that you have to wait for your product to arrive.

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