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Saving With Lens.com

Saving money is one of the big themes of this site, and in today's post I'd like to talk a bit about how you can get terrific deals on contact lenses by purchasing them online. If you do a bit of research, you'll find that overall, the prices charged by online contact lens stores are significantly less than what you'd pay if you bought your contacts at the optometrist's office. It's not unusual for an online store to price their contact lenses 50% below retail prices.

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But with that being said, not all online contact lens stores will give you the best deal. Most likely, you only have one brand of contacts to purchase, so you should compare prices across several major stores, such as Lens.com, Walgreens.com, and AC Lens, among a few others. Once you find out the baseline prices that these stores charge for your lenses, there are two other things you need to consider:

1) Shipping costs.
Remember, when you buy something online, you always need to factor in shipping costs to compare apples to apples. In some cases, an online store will throw in free shipping if your order size is large enough. This is the case with Lens.com, where orders over $129 get free standard shipping.

2) Online coupons.
Most online stores offer coupons that can help you save additional money. But these coupons aren't always available at the online store. Rather, you need to visit other coupons sites to obtain the appropriate coupon. Usually, you'll need to copy and paste a coupon code on the shopping cart page in order to receive your discounted price on contact lenses.

The store I like to use most often is Lens.com, as I've discovered that they typically have the lowest prices, in addition to offer plenty of different coupons I can use. When I place an order, I try to make sure I'm ordering at least 4 boxes at once, since buying more boxes usually brings down the price I pay per box.

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